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well hey guys where to begin its been awhile I guess since I last posted, still going strong it's been rather stressful but still going
I recently became an uncle once more sept 19th she was due to come on the 12th but decided to be stubborn. I am rather excited
I can't wait to get to hold her for the first time, I haven't been able to go see her yet because of having a cold and I don't want to get her
or my nephews sick. I have some cosplays lined up for AAC already, my step father has been trying to go rather strong the other day he
scared the hell out of my though. He actually had me sit and hold a conversation with him because he bought me a five dollar game, he was
telling me he was rather happy to see that I appericated and enjoyed things even if it was small and went on to tell me how he appericates me
and my fiancee being here to help him and my mom through this whole ordeal. I never had that kinda bond or father son relationship with this guy, when I was younger when him and my mom were first together before they split up for awhile I gave him all kinda hell guess it was the rebel side of me. I recently told my mom I felt bad for being an ass when I was younger, that I should have tried to give him more of a chance to have that kinda relationship with me and thats something you don't realize until it is to late to take it back but atleast I am trying now I guess I just done alot of growing up.


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United States
I love the Hunter Stamp: L4D by KikiLime
Hey guys feel free to keep in touch with me outside of DA with my twitter
and FB down below as well as Skype which im on if im not gaming or
working around the house.

Engaged to: :iconladyjessien:

My Prussia/Germany: :icongermaniaassassin:

Conjointed DA with LadyJessien: :iconearsandfangs:

Skype: angel_kumi89


GaiaOnline: HieoTheBlackCat

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